Health Management

Health Management

Modern science have shown that all diseases are more or less affected by a person’s genetic makeup. As molecular testing technologies develop, genetic testing has gradually become an important method for disease risk assessment and early prevention. Geneseeq utilizes cutting-edge NGS sequencing technology to analyze disease-related human genes to provide proper risk assessment of each disease. Results of the analysis help enable precision health management and provide suggestions the best measures to minimize disease-causing factors, ultimately preventing cancer and other critical/lethal diseases and protecting the health of the people.



Heriguard sequences and analyzes 208 genes highly related to the occurrence of cancer using NGS sequencing technology. Results are then used to accurately predict potential cancer risks of healthy testers and subsequently to provide suggestions and recommendations on active prevention/effective intervention should certain risks be high. The end goal is to delay the onset of cancer as much as possible, or completely prevent cancer from developing at the very beginning.

  • Identify mutation spectrum of cancer-related genes to create the basis for cancer risk assessment and hereditary disease consulting.
  • Screen high-risk populations and prevent disease occurrence though active prevention and effective intervention
  • Enable people with high risks to specific disease to start specific testing against these diseases early and more frequently, in order to discover early, diagnose early, treat early, and ultimately maximize survival and quality of life.